Whatever walk of life you entertain, a motorcycle will have probably impacted on you at some stage in your life. Seems everybody has a story to tell about a motorcycle.

2017 Classic Motorcycle Calendar

With Classic Motorcycles 2017 Calendar I set out to capture images of the motorcycles of yesteryear, some manufacturer’s names you will be familiar with, others will have long ceased to exist.

However old, however many times you kicked it over, however many times you had to push it home, however much it vibrated when you rode it, or even how much oil leaked from it, there still seems something majestical about these old machines.

These motorcycles, for which some are fast approaching 100 years of life, one thing is for certain, while there remains passionate individuals, dedicated clubs, collectors and restorers, their future looks as bright as some of the polished chrome.

Thanks to all the owners, restorers, club members and enthusiasts who opened their sheds, blew away the dust, gave their time and cooperation, whom without, the production of this calendar would not have been possible.